Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Frankly Speaking

I've told you about Frank before, a man of incredible wit. Twenty years later, Frank and I again find ourselves working in the same department. But sadly things are a bit different now. Just three months ago Frank buried his beautiful, charming wife. Her beaming face still graces the picture frames in Frank's office. So it was that, early this morning (as I was headed to the printer) I met Frank in the hallway. And as we met, I (mindful of Frank's terrible loss) found myself at a loss for words. The only sound I managed was...

Bob: {sigh}

Frank: Bob, there's no sighing allowed this early in the morning. Heavy breathing is way too strenuous first thing in the day.

Bob: But what if you do something particularly brilliant? Can I gasp in amazement?

Frank: Oh sure! It's not like that Bill Clinton thing --- inhaling is always permitted.

I laughed, grabbed my print-out, turned and walked back to my office. {sigh}


Mrs. JP said...

So, in that brief moment of lightheartedness his day and yours was brightened. Isn't it great how, when we don't know what to say to help someone, God, blesses us instead?

joyce said...

If I were Sue, I would have told Frank to not be sad. Life is too short. And eternity forever.

And Frank has his hands full of teenagers. If anything, I'd think he'd be pissed at Sue for leaving him with such drama, not that she had a choice.

So, please, dearest, when I go, find you a new model---younger, gymnist, healthy cook who whips you into shape, and enjoy the second and third generation like your Uncle Bill.

leeann said...

I have that inconvenient lack of speech editor, so I'd have to avoid Frank for at least a month.