Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Wisdom of Youth

Andy: Did you know that eating corn on the cob is good for your memory?

Dad: No, I didn't know that. Where did you hear that?

Andy: Nowhere, I figured it out myself.

Dad: Okay...?

Andy: Of course, corn on the cob helps improve your memory. It helps you remember what you ate yesterday, doesn't it?

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Around 5:00 AM yesterday morning, while on my morning walk, I saw a guy who had a "Go Obama" pin on his coat being mauled by a rottweiler.

Being a responsible citizen, I informed emergency services.

It's now 10:35 PM the next day and they still haven't responded!

I'm beginning to think I wasted a stamp!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Letter From Grannie

Joyce and I came home from grocery shopping and found a message on our phone answering machine. It was our son Andy (a.k.a., "Daddy") calling from Alaska and reading Grannie's greeting card (stuffed with photos) to four-year-old Abby.

Daddy: "Dear Abby -- Here are some picture of Uncle James and Aunt Amber and your cousin, Baby James -- and Uncle Ben holding Baby James. Uncle Ben cut his hair short. Granddad and Grannie have been dog-sitting Aunt Amber's dog Brody."

Daddy: Remember Brody?

Abby: Yesss!

Daddy: "Granddad and Grannie have been dog-sitting Aunt Amber's dog Brody." (Andy then editorialized: "We do not sit on Brody.") "We watch him run in the back yard and jump. Does Tifa [pronounced TEE-Fah] jump?" [Tifa is Andy's dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Huskey cross,] (Andy again editorialized: "Oh yes! Tifa can jump the fence.")

Daddy: "Uncle Ben is coming to your house in a few weeks to visit. He has never been to Alaska. Uncle Ben loves cats, so he will enjoy seeing your Emma cat. -- Love, Grannie"

Daddy: That was a very nice letter from Grannie. So Abby, what kind of animal is in the picture on the front of Grannie's card?

Abby: Uuuuummmm ... a MOOSE!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Word to the Wise

Whenever you come home from college for the weekend and log on to Facebook on your Mom's computer, remember that Mom and Dad wake up early, so be sure to log off before you go to bed.

Just sayin'...