Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Letter From Grannie

Joyce and I came home from grocery shopping and found a message on our phone answering machine. It was our son Andy (a.k.a., "Daddy") calling from Alaska and reading Grannie's greeting card (stuffed with photos) to four-year-old Abby.

Daddy: "Dear Abby -- Here are some picture of Uncle James and Aunt Amber and your cousin, Baby James -- and Uncle Ben holding Baby James. Uncle Ben cut his hair short. Granddad and Grannie have been dog-sitting Aunt Amber's dog Brody."

Daddy: Remember Brody?

Abby: Yesss!

Daddy: "Granddad and Grannie have been dog-sitting Aunt Amber's dog Brody." (Andy then editorialized: "We do not sit on Brody.") "We watch him run in the back yard and jump. Does Tifa [pronounced TEE-Fah] jump?" [Tifa is Andy's dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Huskey cross,] (Andy again editorialized: "Oh yes! Tifa can jump the fence.")

Daddy: "Uncle Ben is coming to your house in a few weeks to visit. He has never been to Alaska. Uncle Ben loves cats, so he will enjoy seeing your Emma cat. -- Love, Grannie"

Daddy: That was a very nice letter from Grannie. So Abby, what kind of animal is in the picture on the front of Grannie's card?

Abby: Uuuuummmm ... a MOOSE!


joyce said...

this ought to be a real selling point in the future, for Abby--to want to go to a school with a mascot of a cute collie dog instead of a mascot of a "moose".

Jerry said...

A møøse once bit my sister