Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signing Off from Alaska

The news from Alaska is that Andy and Lauren are moving into their new home tomorrow. And amazingly, their household goods are being delivered on the very same day the quarters have become available. This is nothing short of miraculous -- perfectly timed PCS move-ins just don't happen in the service. Someone out there has been praying and whoever that is apparently has a direct line to heaven's throne room.

This evening I fly back to Texas. That's all my news from our northern adventure. So I'm signing off from beautiful Alaska, and with that I leave you one last clip of the world's cutest toddler.


Jerry said...

Grandkids can sure be cute.

I sure am glad that you are flying back so that I don't need to do any additional Canadian transit translations.

Thanks for the answered prayer testimony.

joyce said...

wow---is their new yard fenced in??

Bag Blog said...

I'm glad all is well and you have the family settled in. Prayers have been answered.

Mrs. JP said...

You are so right...timely moves like this just don't happen without Divine intervention. I'm glad that everyone is there safe and sound.
Also, glad that you get to come home. Wasn't that a great journey with your son and Emma?

Bob said...

Mrs JP--
I'm back in Texas -- landed at DFW around 6:30 AM (and slept all morning to make up for lost sleep). Since you mentioned Emma, the good news for Andy's longsuffering cat is, her trip is about over, too. Her stay at the kennel ends today.

Bag Blog--
Indeed, the Lord's hand is evident.

Yes, there's a four-foot-high white vinyl fence enclosing a small area behind the house.

I too am relieved that no French translations will be appearing in your comments.