Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Parting Shot

Here's my last view of Anchorage:

The clip is only five seconds, so you may have to freeze-frame to see the following features. The view is looking southward. At the beginning of the video you can see a peninsula in the upper right. That's the area around Anchorage International Airport from where the plane took off. At the end of the video the cross runways of Elmendorf AFB are just slightly right of center.

And here's the last thing I saw in Alaska:

Again, the view is looking southward with the setting sun behind the plane.


joyce said...

Cool glacier. Was that Manatuska? looks slippery

Bag Blog said...

So beautiful, but it looks so cold.

Mrs. JP said...

That was beautiful - thanks for the videos. So how many people were on the plane?

Gladys said...

Beautiful. So how lonely do you feel now?

For me it's hard to spend that much time with my kids and grandkids then all of a sudden be alone. It's empty nest all over again.

Bob said...

Post-partum is different with us guys. When the kids were small, Joyce once asked me, "If you had to choose between the kids or me, which would it be?" I, of course, very insensitively answered, "That's easy -- there're more where those little boogers came from." Truth is, I still think that way. The kids (and the granddaughter, of course) are fun to be around, but Joyce is my mate -- it was lonely in Alaska without her.

Mrs JP--
The plane was packed, which makes for a less than fun all-nighter.

Bag Blog--
While I was there, the lowest temperature in Anchorage was 49 and the highest was around 70. (That compares very favorably with the temperatures you were having in the suburbs of Wichita Falls.) I'm guessing it was lots colder up on the mountaintops.

No, Matanuska would have been beneath or maybe even slightly on the port side of the aircraft. I think this clip is looking at the upper reaches of the Knik Glacier.

azdy04 said...

Whenever Abby thinks of it she says "Grandad go onna airpwane"

Bob said...

Awwwww! That's so cute. It was good visiting with you. Enjoy your new home.

joyce said...

That granddaughter is a smart one===to know that your are the grandDad that went on the airplane.

Maybe you'd better fly back some time this winter to experience all that is Anchorge in winter, and let Abby know grandDads do come back. You enjoy the cold, whereas I'd just slip and fall.