Sunday, August 9, 2009

Abby and the 'Lion

We had a wonderful time at the playground. The slide was scary at first, but we soon got the hang of it and didn't want to stop going down it.

But the most wondrous thing about the outing was our trip through the field of "lions" between here and the playground.


joyce said...

wow, no jacket?

are the three story buildings behind where y'all are staying?

such green, lush grass.

she is saying, "that is green?"

Bob said...

It does kind of sound like "That is a green", but it could just as easily be "That is ice cream" or "That is a scream" or "That is a dream" or who knows what else. The building where we're staying is just off screen to the left. The temperature was in the upper to mid sixties, so despite Abby's being in constant motion on the playground I think she got a bit chilled by the time we were done.

joyce said...

why no jacket??

Bob said...

It was sort of warmish. Honest.

Bag Blog said...

How did I miss this video the other day? When my grand-baby first learned about "lions" she would try to blow on them. Sometimes as she inhaled for the big blow, she inhaled the lion, which usually caused lots of spitting.

jennifer said...

This post was Dandy and I ain't lion.

Wonk wonk wonk waaaaah.

She REALLY is the cutest todler ever.