Sunday, December 21, 2008

Twenty-Two Words

My brother-in-law Jerry has found an interesting challenge: "Tell a children's story in just 22 words."

So here, as a retelling of this ancient tale, is my submission:

Terrycloth caped Superboy leapt from the second-floor window and pancaked into the ligustrum, but not before being seen by Lex Luthor (Dad).


Jerry said...

Good story, and a "creative" way to get it into 22 words.

joyce said...

you could poke your eye out jumping into the bushes like that.

Bob said...

Nah, those ligustrum bushes aren't all that stiff. They have a lot of spring to them ... well, for the first couple of landings anyway.

Thanks, 22 words is a heck of a constraint.

Hula Doula said...

The Princess had to choose a prince. So she chose the one with the best breath and lived happily ever after.
VOILA How's that for shallow?!

Bob said...

The princess may have chosen the guy with the best breath, but guys almost always choose the princess with the best breasts. (When it comes to shallow, girls can't hold a candle.)

Bag Blog said...

You and Hula should win a prize!

Jerry said...


You should have played to your strength. The actual winner was scatological, and nobody does that better than you!

Bob said...

I figured I'd have heard if I'd won, but thanks for the poop.