Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cat Blogging

I'm torn. The man who lives in my house is sitting here in the livingroom with me -- he sitting on the lower section of my armchair scratching my ears, I strolling across my laptop's keyboard. But hark -- I hear a stirring in the kitchen. The lady who lives with me is putzing around, making those rustling sounds reminiscent of my food packets. I have an endless supply of that dry crunchy food in my bowl, but every once in a while the lady (or sometimes even the man) will rattle one of my pouches and the best-tasting little semi-solid food appears -- "Greenies" they call them. So as I said, I'm torn. Will it be more ear scratching or kitchen investigation? What shall I do? What shall I do?

Well, enough of the chit-chat and scritch-scratch. Tootles! Gotta go now -- Off to my kitchen. I'll write more later! (... if I feel like it.)


Roses said...

Don't go!
They're only testing you to see who you love best!

The person with the food always wins...

Chicka said...

**scritch** Now go eat.

Gumpher said...

If there's an animal that defines's the word 'content', it's a just fed cat curled up asleep in a sunbeam