Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chuck Chat

Over the years through email I've stayed in touch with Chuck, a colleague I once worked with. Here's an email exchange that occurred over the course of the day a few days ago. This meandering dialog was precipitated by his sending me a blonde joke. (Please note that Chuck's wife "Miss Sally" is a blonde.)

Bob: That's a good one. Be sure to send it to Miss Sally! She loves blonde jokes, right?

Chuck: [copying me on his email to Miss Sally] Darlin', you'll notice I didn't include you on the first mailing. It was not an oversight on my part. It was good judgment. But I can't disappoint my friend Bob, so here it is.

Bob: Please quit calling me darlin'.

Chuck: That would be a terrible misunderstanding indeed. I hope you're happy, now Miss Sally won't be speaking to either of us.

Bob: You talk to your wife? I gotta try that.

Chuck: Try small words, like "yes", "but", "right away", etc. Then you can work up to "yes dear", "I'll get right on that", etc. They're slow learners. Cute, but slow.

Bob: "Huh?" has always been my best line, but thanks for the tips. (You know, you could fill in on "Dr Phil".)

Chuck: I definitely have the personality for that. I could sit there, listen to some bed-wetter's self-inflicted misery, pat him on the head, tell him I understand... I could do that.

Bob: Yeah, you definitely have the knack. It'd be just like old times at the coffee break.

Chuck: Yeah. We'd eat some Nestle' Drumstick Ice Creams and solve the worlds problems. We did a good job solving all the problems, I believe. But we kind of fell down on implementing those solutions. Wasn't that your department?

Bob: Well, I was making great progress straightening the world out, but then Bush got elected and ...

Chuck: Say no more...


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

you had me at bed-wetters, it was all over but the cryin' then...

Bob said...

Yeah, Chuck has a way with words.