Friday, July 16, 2010

I Ran Into Lin

Yesterday the TRE arrived at Victory Station just in time to make the connection with the light rail. I walked briskly to the beckoning Green Line and took my place opposite the open doors. As I turned around to face the passengers still entering the west-facing doors Lin walked in. I spoke first, "Morning Lin!"

Lin (tapping his cane against the pole that ran ceiling to floor, then stepping in next to me) replied, "Who's that?"

I answered, "It's Bob."

"Oh, hi Bob. So you usually take the early train?"

"Yeah ... then I guess that means you usually catch a later train?"

"Uh huh, but that's because I'm always on the morning conference call to get the report what IT systems have quit working during the night."

"So you missed the IT meeting this morning?"

"No, not very much. Whatever disasters have occurred will still be there when I get to work."

"Yeah, trouble does have a way of being there whenever you feel up to it."

Lin lamented, "... and especially when you don't."

I ruminated, "Life was so much simpler way back when. I remember back when I joined IT -- you and William shared a cube. Back then James was showing me the ropes, so I tended to tag along with him a lot. I'd observed that you and William seemed attached at the hip. One day I saw William without you, so I (being the smart ass I am) asked, 'Where's Tweedle-dee?' William didn't even hesitate. He fired back, 'Where's Beevis?'"

"No Bob, I don't think I've ever heard that story. But it sounds just like William."

The train pulled up to the Akard Street Station and we stepped off. Lin successfully negotiated his way between a tree and a bench to get to the main sidewalk. I stayed at his right side and informed him, "It looks like we'll be crossing Akard street first."

When we got to the corner Lin passed to the left of the large concrete pillar ... barely, so I had to stop and step behind him. As Lin stepped into the street he spoke to the empty space on his right, "So Bob, {something inaudible}."

I quickened my step, resumed my spot on Lin's right and said, "Sorry Lin, you'll have to repeat that. You know, we make quite a team ... a blind guy trying to carry on a conversation with a deaf guy."

Lin smiled and repeated his query, "So what keeps you busy these days?"

I gave him a brief rundown of what I've been working on recently, all the while marveling how gracefully Lin navigated the crosswalk, the curb and various obstacles along the sidewalk. Finally (just as we arrived at the front door of the building) I just had to comment, "That's amazing how skillfully you sidestep all those dog turds."

Lin laughed, "Hand of God!"


Ladybug Crossing said...

Lin sounds like one amazing guy! Especially since he can miss dog turds on his way up the street... I never seem to miss them - I also walk into walls and trip over nothing.

Beej said...

LOL! I found your blog via the 'next blog' button. Usually I run into photos of babies or paintings by (deservedly) unknown artists. What a pleasure it is to find such a funny and well written blog!

Bob said...

I seem to always land on a Spanish language blog when I check the "next blog" button -- por que?

Lin has been losing his eyesight for years, retinitis pigmentosa. His sight's just about completely gone now.