Monday, December 21, 2009


We've lent the Alaskan contingent of the family Joyce's car while they're here in Texas visiting with friends and family, so Joyce is using my car and has been dropping me off at the train. This morning we pulled up to the station and, as we were sitting there, Joyce asked, "Are we waiting for your train?"

I answered, "Of course, why would we wait for a train I'm not taking?"

Joyce: Okay, so how would you answer if I asked, "Are the people on the platform the same people you ride with?"

Bob: Some are, some aren't. I recognize a few folks from my train.

Joyce: Okay, so how should I word it?

Bob: I'm not sure. Are you trying to ask if my train is the next one?

Joyce: Yes.

Bob: Okay, then why don't you say, "Is your train the next one?"

Joyce: Is your train the next one?

Bob: No, the next train is west-bound for Fort Worth. It should be here in a minute or two. My train comes as soon as that one leaves, about three minutes later.

Joyce: Does it have to be this difficult?

Bob: It's easy. The west-bound train comes by first, then ...

Joyce: No, do you have to be so irritating?

Bob: Sorry, I'm just trying to figure out what you want to know, and your questions aren't helping.

Joyce: {{big sigh}}

So here I sit, wondering to myself: Where did I go wrong?


joyce said...

You beat me to it. Here I was wandering the aisles of Walmart this morning at 7am trying to compose a post. Mine was gonna start something like: he doesn't mean to be difficult. if I thought that, then I'd have to believe he just like to see me blow. up.

For a long time, I attributed the preciseness to engineer. But, then James came along and I got it in stereo--this way of seeing the world that was SO obvious to them, so much so that it was the only way. the correct, precise, always right way.

joyce said...

I wish I had let you park in your parking spot. I think I know what you were thinking---the parking lot was not as full, and you were gleeful to be getting a closer-than-normal spot.

Such a creature of habit, you'd forgotten I was with you. I should have laughed instead of getting insensed. Laughter is better than panties in a wad.

Bob said...

When I say, "I'm sorry!" please don't be too quick to agree. (BTW -- Because I'm not already logged in, I got a word-verification challenge: ANTREFOG, which would have to mean something like, "the recurrence of fog brought on by ants".)

The Flyer said...

Maybe ANTREFOG is what the exterminator does when the first one doesn't take... Of course, there should be no charge, in that case.

Jerry said...

I am surprised that she didn't tell you to get out of the car and wait in the cold on the platform by yourself.

joyce said...

I was mighty tempted, Jerry. I was mighty tempted.

But, then he puts up with all my faults, flaws, complaining, low math skills....etc.

I could make him a batch of rice crispie treats, but that would be CRUEL.

Gladys said...

You should have just answered the damn question. That is like me asking Kahuna "Which way do I turn the faucet to get hot water?" He will look at me and say to the side that puts out hot water.

joyce said...

Bob was so cute this morning. He walked himself through the urge to park closer, and then we noticed it was not the usual bullet train going to Fort Worth.

I have been hearing about a Christmas schedule that looks like a Saturday schedule on the radio, I wonder if Bob is also getting nagged about it on the train?

Bob said...

Honest, I don't intend to be so irritating. It's just that have to work with the words I hear rather than the words you think.

Wow, I do sympathize with Kahuna. That faucet question must have at least a dozen correct answers (all of which you'd hate): North, Clockwise, The Side Marked "HOT", Left, Up, etc.

Theresa said...

Do you really want to know the answer to that question Bob? ;)