Sunday, December 20, 2009

Geriatric Foreplay

I felt humiliated, but Joyce asked ...

Joyce: So d'ya wanna go again?

Bob: I'd love to, but you don't have to do it just to please me.

Joyce: Poor thing. Did I wear you out?

Bob: No, but are you sure you're up to it?

Joyce: Do I hear some performance anxiety?

Bob: Oh Baby, trust me, you can never wear me out.

Joyce: Big talker! So let's get it on.

I shouldn't brag, but candor compels me to tell you: I nailed that woman of mine -- left her gasping, I did.

Bingoed three times (INCITER, MALINGER and EYELASH) and came out on top of a 390-299 score. She'll think twice before she challenges me to a Scrabble game again.


joyce said...

Oh, baby, you are the best!

I am so embarrassed that it had been almost a month! Good thing we keep score. Now I have two columns of scores you dated to prove my love.

Bob said...

No Babe, you're the best. Who else can place ZAFTIG and fit UAD into Q---S?

joyce said...

I am still amazed how you turned WIG off of ZAFTIG into TWIG. All I could think of was WIGMAKER. If it weren't for your TWIG, we would not have been able to build on the right half of the board.

Bob said...

ZAFTIG did kind of block things up (and I do hate getting blocked up, so my use of TWIG was just the fiber pill that moved things along).

joyce said...

TWIG was a fiber pill?? I can't get you to eat yogurt let alone fiber from a naturally occurring wood source. Upon your TWIG you built the bingo-extra-fifty-pointer, INCITER. And I added PHOTOS to your INCITER. Your brilliant VILE underneath the letters ZAF in ZAFTIG after I placed ZINCY set the stage for your next bingo, MALINGER off my FARM and ABBY.

Bob said...

Oh Babe, you drive me wild with such talk.