Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Shouldn't Ask, But ...

Isn't it time we stopped denying the obvious? When was the last time we heard news reports of radical Baptists opened fire on innocent civilians? And where are all those Roman Catholic terrorists hiding? Rampaging Lutherans? Marauding Methodists? Episcopalian Jihadis?

So why are we never surprised to learn that the latest atrocity was carried out by a devout Muslim? Is there perhaps a difference between Christianity and Islam? Is the God who lays down His life to ransom sinful mankind from slavery to sin maybe a little different than the God who commands His slaves to commit mass murder against those who don't bow to Him five times a day?

Here's the video of Major Nidal Malik Hasan buying his morning cup of coffee just six hours before he attacked his fellow soldiers.

Tell me, is this a person who will suddenly snap a mere six hours later? Or someone who has just finished loading his 50+ rounds into several magazines and is now proceeding with his normal morning routine? It seems to me, this guy isn't someone who needs to be committed -- he's already committed. And just six hours after buying his usual cup-o-joe, he'll demonstrate just how committed he really is.

Isn't it time we faced the fact that it's Islam itself (not just a lunatic fringe group or two) that's at war with Western Civilization?


Bag Blog said...

What religion was Timothy McVeigh?

joyce said...

Thank you for posting the video. amazing.

This guy was going to crack eventually. Wouldn't it have been worse if he cracked over in Iraq?

And I cannot imagine what kind of stuff he was telling soldiers to "help" them.

Jerry said...

He didn't just suddenly crack. He had been giving away his furniture over the past couple of weeks.

I hope that he survives so that he can face Military justice, but it is too bad that they no longer hang traitors and this guy will get lethal injection instead.

Mike said...

It's kind of funny you would mention Roman Catholic terrorists, because that is exactly what Timothy McVeigh was. Jeffrey Dahmer was a born-again Christian; John Wayne Gacy was also a Roman Catholic; Ronald Gene Simmons was a Lutheran...

I am sure I can find more if I keep looking. You are an ignorant asshole.

joyce said... reports the clothing was that of a martyr

Bob said...

You flatterer, you.

My point is simply that there is a difference between Christ and Mohamed, between Christianity and Islam -- not that there's much difference between Christians and Muslims. The Bible itself tells us none of us are "good". It's that Romans 3:23 thing, you know. Since we're all sinners, the question is what should we do about it -- repent or kill? Any religion that encourages the evil that's in all of us is simply a bad religion.

Precisely. No insanity here -- just devotion.

Romans 8:28 applies.

Bag Blog--
Which religion endorses what McVeigh did?

Bag Blog said...

My point is - crazy is crazy no matter what religion someone is. People pull scripture from the Bible to justify their sin all the time - even killing someone. Satan used scripture to tempt Christ in the desert. People are often zealots for their religion - like Saul, a Hebrew of Hebrews.

Theresa said...

I'm not as familiar with Islamic beliefs/teachings as I probably should be, but I 'get' what you're saying.

Really makes you wonder, like Joyce said, what sort of garbage he was feeling the soldiers.

Such a sad, sad, thing.

Bob said...

Studying Islam is a good idea. Detroit is a hotbed of Islamic agitation. You really don't want to live in a neighborhood where Sharia Law is enforced.

Bag Blog--
Perhaps Major Hasan is insane (though there's no evidence that he demonstrated any pathology prior to methodically shooting his fellow soldiers), but regardless, his psychological state is a non-issue.

Consider this: If a lone shooter (who happens to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan) shoots up a predominantly Black church, is that an indictment of all Klansmen? No, of course not. Only one person was guilty of the offense. But can anyone rationally argue: "In no way does the Klan encourage such hatred"?

Refusal to believe that Islam itself is committed to world domination by any means doesn't make it less true.

Mrs. JP said...

You're right, this guy was calm and going about a planned routine. Committed very committed. It's a shame we can't call it for what it is - Terrorism.
Do you think after Pearl Harbor this would've been hemhawed about? No,definitely not.

Rita said...

Seems like it's time to put little old white ladies in wheel chairs through the extra security screening in the airports again.