Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years In

Today I should have done what so many others have done and posted some words of tribute to those who died on that ghastly day eight years ago. I really intended to ... but the words still don't flow. I do have something to say, but little that hasn't been said better by so many others.

Nonetheless, please bear with me as I clumsily try to make just one point: As we remember those who died on 9-11, let's keep in mind, there's a difference between a life taken and a life given. A life taken is a cause for righteous anger (a burning wrath that won't be quenched until justice has been done). A life given is a cause for humble tribute. Those who died as victims are to be remembered and avenged, but those who have since died protecting us are to be remembered and honored.

So as we remember the fallen, let's not give honor to mere victims. But more importantly, let's never give pity to those who have earned our eternal gratitude.


Gladys said...

Well said Bob.

Mrs. JP said...

That is such a great point. thanks.

Bob said...

Mrs JP--
My point is just a slight variation on John 10:14-18. Those who willingly lay down their lives so we can be free are the ones who most closely resemble our Lord. The distinction between savior is victim is completely lost on cowards and politicians (who value nothing more than their own skin, and thus are incapable of honoring those who guard their worthless hides).