Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trip Progress

We've now completed our fourth day of driving and I'm please to report the scenery has been phenomenal (if you're really, really into unobstructed views of farmland).

Here's our story told in photos:
Indiana ...

Illinois ...

Missouri ...

Iowa ...

South Dakota ...

North Dakota ...

Manitoba ...

And of course, you will recognize ... (wait for it) ... Saskatchewan!

Toward the end of today's trip Andy observed: You know, Dad, the view through the windshield:

Really isn't a whole lot different than the view in the rear view mirror:

Don't be ridiculous -- in the mirror things appear much farther away than they really are.


Rave said...

That's fantastic!
Thanks for the memories.....and the view!

Jerry said...

This could end up being a Flickr phenomenon attracting millions of viewers. I don't know that Blogger is ready for that kind of traffic.

Ceci a pu finir être vers le haut un phénomène de Flickr attirant des millions de visionneuses. I don' ; t savent que le Blogger est prêt pour celui aimable au trafic.

(Official Canadian translation. Traduction Canadienne officielle.)

joyce said...

wow---Uncle Jerry is fancy. No way do I remember enough high school french to translate my words. I would wax poetic in french about how you need to appreciate the scenery that is farmland. Hence, we eat. And corn syrup is in everything.

I think I got the skype thingy toggled correctly. I was able to take a picture of myself.

Bob said...

Hooray for you! We Skype tonight -- as long as the Internet connection holds out. Farmland has its own charm especially those endless fields of yellow canola flowers. Toward the end of the trip yesterday, Andy and I began making up fun facts about canola. It got too ridiculous to be blog-worthy, but it kept us entertained. We came up with a French Canadian character for Mel's books: "Lola Canola" (her mother was Puerto Rican).

Are you absolutely sure about that "I don';t savant" part? That sounds a little like Cajun French to me.

The company has been better than the scenery.

joyce said... Look! Michael even has a picture of a Tim Hortons!!!

Gladys said...

Yes as we drove through Nebraska, Kansas and South Dakota the kids kept saying the same thing...corn, corn, corn, corn, corn TREE! Wheat, wheat, wheat, wheat, TREE!

Mrs. JP said...

Oh, so far South Dakota is my fav. But, who wouldn't recognize Saskatchewan??
Godspeed, Safe journey.

Jerry said...

The only French that I know is what Yahoo! Babel Fish kicks out.

Sont les seuls Français que je connais ce qui Yahoo! Babelfish donne un coup de pied dehors.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

I just love your sense of humor! Great pics of the drive to the North. I hope you are having a great trip.

I blogged over at my place tonight with a few others in the next couple of days.

joyce said...

cooler in Dalhart--sixty four degrees at 10pm at night on a Friday night.

this is a much different Friday night than last, eh?


Bob said...

Indeed this Friday is much different. It's been one very eventful and busy week. And regarding Tim Horton's Restaurants, they're like Starbucks up here. And And I drove past three of them on the way to supper tonight. And really, they're just coffee and doughnut shops that sell a very limited selection of sandwiches. I just don't get the attraction.

Thanks for the kind words. I kind of like my sense of humor, too.

Honest (and I really actually mean this), you cracked me up with your French/English comments. It's true -- all the packaging is in both languages.

Mrs JP--
Really? South Dakota? (Too many bikers for my taste.)

I once saw a car with Oklahoma plates that had the following bumper sticker: "Kansas -- Gateway to Nebraska." BTW, your kids have a real talent for writing catchy lyrics. Too bad they weren't around when Bobby Goldsboro needed help: "See the corn, how big it's grown ..."

LadyBugCrossing said...

Yup... it's flat and straight... in both directions.

Rita said...

Yeah, well try LIVING in Indiana. Let's put it this way, there are no nasty mountains to obstruct the view. There are no massive oceans to have to drive around. There are no.......well, hell, there is practically nothing in Indiana.

Unless you get the chance to drive around the 2 1/2 mile oval at over 200 miles an hour! We have to wait another year for anything exciting to happen again.

jennifer said...

This made me laugh! I've been strolling through your site, getting caught up on your recent adventures.

And YES, she is the world's cutest todler (since mine are growing up you know) :)