Monday, July 27, 2009

Emma Sends Greetingsrtfggggggggg

The title of this post includes Emma's editorial addition. No kidding -- I just typed the words "Emma Sends Greetings" when the cat actually stepped on the keyboard.

Today was a good day. We awoke after nine-plus hours of sleep, completely making up our sleep deficit. Then it was off to get Andy's loaded car weighed. I can't tell you what the weight difference is between a loaded car (with me in it) and a loaded car (without me in it). I know what that difference is, but it's too embarrassing to tell.

From there we headed over to pick up Emma (the typesetting cat). Andy and I were well ahead of schedule, and since we figured it would be less bother to get breakfast without a cat under foot, we stopped at the Bob Evans in Xenia, OH. As we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, I noted out loud, "Look Andy the sign says: '30 MEALS FOR LESS THAN $599'. That's almost twenty bucks per meal."

Andy drolly replied, "Yeah, that's bad, but the worst part is, you can't order it 'to go' -- you have to eat all thirty meals in one sitting."

By 9:00 (8:00 Central Time) AM we had the cat in the car and were headed back to Wright-Patt for Andy's scheduled 10:00 AM final out-processing. He reported a few minutes early, and was finished by 10:20, so we hit the road a good hour and a half ahead of the time I figured we'd get away. We drove onto the lot of the shipping facility near Saint Louis at 4:25 PM -- which sadly, was twenty-five minutes too late to get Lauren's car dropped off today. That's okay, we weren't planning on doing that today anyway. We knew they quit receiving vehicles at 4:00, but since the gate was open, we just figured it wouldn't hurt to test our luck and see if there was someone willing to take the car. Anyway, we left in the car inside the fenced area. They locked the gate at 5:00 PM.

Now we're off to a copy center and make sufficient copies of Andy's orders to make the shipping folks happy. So tomorrow Andy and I head north in the remaining vehicle -- next overnight stop, Sioux Falls.


joyce said...

So, y'all are letting Emma crawl all over you and play in the hotel room at night? Maybe that will satisfy her during the day, and she won't yowl like Jacque did. Is Emma cat a good traveler?

Bob said...

The cat in the carrier is a whole story in itself. It takes no time at all for a cat to take the entire litter box contents and scatter them all over the inside of the carrier. In mere minutes you have a uniform distribution of cat, cat food and cat litter within the confines of the cat carrier. We also made the discovery that Emma is more than content to sit quietly atop Andy's suiter if she's let out of the carrier. So it looks like the cat carrier is now merely our traveling litter box.

Mrs. JP said...

alright,,the trip begins. I'm looking forward to your updates. Wow, Bob Evans is filling his stocking for hard times. I have a feeling Emma will be a good traveling companion and topic of a few posts! Praying for a safe journey for you all.