Sunday, July 26, 2009

After-action Report

The wedding was beautiful; the reception was fun; the bride was radiant; the groom was beaming; the flower girl was cute; the bride's parents were charming ... and the groom's parents are bushed.

Andy and I are now at DFW Airport, about to take off for Dayton, where we'll embark on our Arctic adventure. They just made the first boarding announcement for our flight.

UPDATE (3:00 PM Eastern Time): Andy and I just checked into the Air Force Inn at Wright-Patt. Andy opened his bag, pulled out a pair of jeans, and said, "Oops, these look like Lauren's."

So I had to ask, "How do the rest of the clothes in that bag look?"

"Like mine," Andy answered.

I sighed, "Boy, that's a relief -- I'm not sure I could have coped with you in Lauren's clothes for the next nine days."

UPDATE TWO (3:45 PM Eastern Time): Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. While Andy and I were standing at baggage claim at the Dayton airport, I finally let rip a really satisfying bit of flatulence. Andy commented, "You're not alone. I've been farting up a storm all day."

I thought to myself, That would explain why my expulsions and my smelling those expulsions seemed so out of sync. It's a good thing Andy and I were so stealthy about fumigating the plain -- I don't think anyone else in the packed plain noticed (though I bet their pretzels tasted a bit off).

UPDATE THREE (7:45 PM Eastern Time): Here's the first picture from our trip.

Andy took this snapshot while we were sitting on the shuttle that runs from the car rental lot to the terminal at DFW. It was about 3:45 in the morning (after we gotten to bed at midnight -- thus the tired look in Dad's old eyes).

Tomorrow the real fun begins -- we begin our 4200-mile road trip with a cat.


LadyBugCrossing said...

Just the way it should be.
Have a fun trip!

Mrs. Who said...

Whew! Y'all look great for what you've gone through!

And a road trip with a cat??!! I'm afraid the worst is yet to come. It was nice knowing you! (j/k)

joyce said...

Are you counting from your view of the Atlantic ocean? near Baltimore---i did not realize you could see the Washington monument from Baltimore!

Bob said...

4200 miles is only the road miles from Dayton, but good point. Because the flight from DFW to Dayton went by way of Baltimore, we were able to see the waters of the Atlantic (the Potomac River) as we began our trip to see the Pacific (Gompertz Channel). I rather doubt you can see the Washington Monument from anywhere in Baltimore, but you can definitely see it from the air as you approach Baltimore.

Mrs Who--
Emma is a good cat. We looked much better at 6:00 (Eastern time) this morning than we did at 3:00 AM yesterday.

The wedding was great -- and I have no doubt the marriage will be even better.

Gladys said...

You're a good dad Bob. Have fun and be careful out there.

Mrs. JP said...

Wow, that was a close call with the clothing issue. You are a trooper for doing this but that's what Dad's do, right? Keep us posted! Glad the wedding was great.