Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Sticker!

We're in Ohio, visiting Andy and family. And lo, there is jubilation in the house of Granddaughter. She (proudly sporting the sticker Daddy has just placed on her left cheek) emerges from the downstairs bathroom with the musical potty tinkling her triumph. We (Mommy, Granny and Granddad) enthusiastically celebrate as she announces, "I sticker!"

Daddy's right cheek also has a sticker, one which was lovingly bestowed by Granddaughter. He's a good dad. That sticker is well deserved.


joyce said...

we were strangers to her when we first got here. but she gradually warmed up to us, and today we even babysat her--and she let me hold her. And when I kissed her on the neck, she kissed me back. what a sweetie. what a little darling.

tonight at supper, she was not hungry, so she played with her food, colored grapes in a row, and tomatoes, and graham cracker cookie bears, all in a row.

Mrs. JP said...

ohhhhh,,,you're having so much fun! Isn't it great to be grandparents! Yall enjoy that little girl. A few years ago I started telling our granddaughter "I could just eat you up" and now that's our greeting when we see each other or talk on the phone.
Good Times,,,greater blessings,,thankful heart.

joyce said...

Today, it was "I Jacket" with a cry, as she wanted her jacket for some reason. Was she cold? or because it is a knitted jacket, it is comforting? no clue

Bob said...

Yeah, she's definitely discovered the idea of ownership, "No! Mine!!!"

joyce said...

What were you giggling about last night?? I thought you'd posted something new?!! what were you up reading until midnight??