Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dueling Granddaughters

I recently commented on Galdys's blog (upon seeing pics of her newly three-year-old granddaughter) that the darling thing is almost as cute as our granddaughter. Of course, Gladys fired back (in essence), "Put up or shut up." As luck would have it, Joyce's computer chose right then to go belly up -- taking with it all the pics of our cute little one. We've managed to recover the data off Joyce's old hard drive, so here finally is our amazing grandchild.

As I understand it, this was the photo that won her the role of flower girl at James and Amber's upcoming wedding.

Top that, Gladys!


JAMIE'S CREW said...


joyce said...

You are gonna get us in trouble with the parents of the flower girl. Did you get permission? Oh, dear.

I left a message with Gladys that we are driving up to see our granddaughter tomorrow, I mean, to see her daddy get his captain's bars.

Gladys said...

She is too cute. I'm jell assed that you get to go see yours. Do her parents get all sideways when you post her picture too? Yeah I catch hell all the time because I do the proud grandma thing and stick her picture out there.

Mrs. JP said...

She is very cute! No doubt the apple of your eye.

PrimoDonna said...

She's cute, cute, cute! But not as cute as my granddaughters. See my blog--www.primodonna.blog-city.com.