Friday, February 13, 2009


How can someone as intelligent as President B. Hussein Obama actually believe that racking up more debt will make everyone richer? Does he actually think that America can spend its way to prosperity?

In a word ... no. President Obama isn't that stupid. He knows the truth. He knows this "stimulus" package will devastate the U.S. economy, but that's a price he's prepared to pay in order to achieve a greater goal: the goal (as he told Joe the Plumber in one of his unguarded moments) of "spreading the wealth around". Calling this a "stimulus" plan is a ruse. The objective of the bill Congress will pass today is not to bolster the economy. The goal is to put federal politicians and bureaucrats in charge to re-distributing America's wealth.

How do I know this? Let's consider the numbers. The total size of the package is $800-billion, and it promises to create 3.5-million jobs. That works out to be more than $225,000 per job. So does each of these new jobs pay more than $225,000? If so, then those are some pretty well-payed highway construction jobs. But if not, then this "stimulus" package is a net loss; it sucks more wealth out of the economy than it puts into it. Of course, that takes the optimistic view that the 3.5-million jobs our politicians have promised will actually materialize. (Call me a skeptic, but I believe politicians capable of shading the truth.) And if we're promised 3.5-million jobs, how many of the jobs that do actually materialize will be awarded to new government bureaucrats whose only job is to impede the free flow of products and services? No, by any measure this is no "stimulus".

Now let's consider the numbers another way. $800-billion is just slightly less than all the revenue that's paid as personal income taxes each year. If (instead of giving $800-billion to federal bureaucrats to distribute for us) the government had simply advised us to not bother paying any taxes for a year, do you suppose that would stimulate the economy? Of course it would, but it wouldn't have empowered the government to decide where our money goes -- it would have given us that power. So then, one must suspect that there's something other than economic stimulus as the goal of this "stimulus" plan.

To understand what President Obama means when he speaks of "stimulus", you have to watch what he does rather than listen to what he says. It's the results, not the promises that count. And the outcome of this so-called stimulus package will be to empower politicians to use the money of productive citizens to foster government dependence among the unproductive.

I take the charitable view of the President's motives; I think he actually believes that income redistribution is a noble enterprise. But that is what's so troubling. Dealing with a criminal who sticks a gun in your face and demands your money is a moment of moral clarity. Neither you nor the criminal are under any illusion about who the "bad guy" is. But when a government agent is collecting what he says rightfully belongs to "the People", the thug mistakenly thinks he has the moral high ground. A gunman acting on his own behalf can come under conviction (either spiritually or legally) and recognize the evil of his ways. But a self-righteous politician, who believes he's acting for the good of mankind, is beyond redemption, and his thievery can't be stopped by the law since he has perverted the law to serve the "greater good" (as he defines "good").

So what's the solution to this mess? Well, there isn't one -- the problem is spiritual, not economic. We as a society have bowed to the god of this world (trusting in human solutions to human problems) and now we're simply reaping what we've sown. That's not to say that there's no redemption, just that it will come to all of us when it comes to each of us. When each of us ceases from worshiping the creature rather than the Creator, then we will quit squabbling over which of us gets to rule over the others. Then we'll quit demanding what we don't deserve, and start thanking our Maker for not getting what we do deserve.


Missy said...

I so agree with every thing you have said. Obama is not stupid, but has stupid followers! I am so worried about our nation as a whole!

Jerry said...

Good analysis.

The handwriting is one the wall. We have been weighed, and found wanting.

Ky Woman said...

Aint that the truth!

Let me tell ya, as a single person, I give my fair share and then some. Now they want more. Sheesh... when will it ever end?

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Wow. What a good read.

Someone sent me an email along a similar vein. The bottom line was to take that total $800 billin and divided it amongst tax-paying adults - the amount was similar to the $225K salary you mentioned. The point of the email was this:

1)Each tax paying adult gets $225,000
2)Said $225K would pay off most peoples mortgages, including mine.
3) This would fix the broken mortgage industry
4) people would have more cash to spend in stores with because they no longer have a mortgage payment.

I can't remember the rest or I would cut and paste it here.

Tell me this please: did Joyce do a little happy dance today when she found out that technician had been fired?


Bob said...

Joyce did take the news of the sonogram tech's dismissal rather well.

Ky Woman--
Yeah, but politicians are so much wiser than we are about how best to spend our money.

Yup, we're in for it. But (on the other hand) when things get dark, the Lord shines forth.

I'm concerned too, but God is merciful -- even his discipline is meant for our good.

joyce said...

Thank you dear, for great words of wisdom and for doing our taxes. Wow. You are amazing. Love, your two dollar pistol.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Obama is all about Obama. He doesn't give a flying fig about anyone but himself. He thinks that if you throw money at a problem, it will be solved and he will come out smelling like a rose. Alas, he's going to come out smelling like skunk cabbage this time.
And when it happens, I'm going to be there saying, "I told you so!"
The saddest part of this whole debacle is that the citizens of the USA are falling for his crap... When we have to dig ourselves out, then they'll know... but then it will be too late.
I'm just totally disgusted by the whole thing!

Bob said...

Lady Bug--
I agree, but the problem isn't Obama; it's our belief that the government is our savior.

No problem.