Saturday, November 22, 2008

Witnessing Calvary

Knottie's Niche tells what she's learned of Pokey's last moments. She's an amazing mom who's lost an amazing son. Drop by and say ... "Hey."


Hula Doula said...

Oh my. I just can't even imagine that we will be facing our son's decision in just 12 short little years. We hope that he will follow in his daddy's footsteps. (HH was in Saudi) Although it is a mixed feeling I must admit.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Thanks Bob, the reminder is clear.

JDP said...

Happy Thanksgiving Bob!


Bob said...

Thanks for the sentiment. We've had a nice quiet visit with our grown sons. I do hope you've had a good Thanksgiving filled with joy and family.

I'm not sure how I'd bear that cross. I just hope I'd do it with the tenderness and strength that this mom has shown.

All we can do is trust that the Lord loves the young men we lay on the altar more than we do.