Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wisdom Through the Ages

"To Do Is To Be" ------ Socrates
"To Be Is To Do" ------ Plato
"To Be Or Not To Be" -- Shakespeare
"To Think Is To Be" --- Descarte
"Do Be Do Be Do" ------ Sinatra
"Ya Ba Da Ba Do" ------ Flintstone


James said...

Ah wise advice from learned men of renown of history.

Bob said...

Do ya duty, dude --- Dad

Mrs. Who said...

It all makes sense now!

The Flyer said...

For my generation, the final declension would be:

"Do Do Do Do, Da Da Da Da"----Sting, of The Police

(Yes, he rates BELOW Fred Flinstone)

Bob said...

"Declension"??? Well, La-dee-da! Ain't we somthing, using all them fancy ten-dollar words? I assume this all ends with Homer Simpson's "Doh!"

Mrs Who--
It do connect the dots, don't it?

The Flyer said...

You have to remember that I am a recently-recovered victim of language study, and I've just been itchin' to use that one for a while. I saw an opportunity, and could't help myself!

joyce said...

I can't wait to use DECLENSION in Scrabble. Bob can't 'cause its too many letters, but he lets me have as many letters as I want sos I can make big words and improve my mind.