Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scrabbling My Brains Out

Oh bay-bah, you wear me out. I just can't take any more -- I am totally spent!

(And best of all -- I won both games!)


joyce said...

and without bingo-ing either game, neither ! you are amazing.

Jerry said...

Don't let PETA see that Scrabble board or they might throw red paint all over it.


Bob said...

Someone may suspect that the board in the photo was rigged -- it was, but only slightly. The only thing different about this board is, before we started play, we placed the words ANNIVERSARY and THIRTIETH (because it was our "thirtieth anniversary" -- get it?).

Despite my bingoing with UNSOILED, Joyce kick my tail -- she played PIGGERY, FAVORITE and FIDDLES.

joyce said...

I was SO ready to put FAVORITE on a triple-triple last night, and you over heard me, and covered it with TWIRLERS. And I am glad I was able to stretch your opening word, DOE to DOER. It is fun to use color, sewing, and knitting words like JUTE to that J hanging above the triple. Bob lets me play with more tiles so that I am some competition. Fifteen was not quite enough last night. But I hate to end up with four eyes.

Bob said...

Thanks for the inspiration by reminding me that you've been meeting my "need".

Scrabble's a great game. In what other sport can you: draw a BLANK, take a P, admire your wife's rack and tell her I love U? (Just try doing that in professional hockey and you go to the penalty box.)

joyce said...

Oh, you are SO gonna get in trouble with your niece for this. Bad boy.

Or, as my Aunt Susie says, naughty !

Cappy said...

How many points for potrzebie?

Bob said...

The value of POTRZEBIE ranges -- depending on where you play it and whether your opponent is smart enough to challenge you.

Bou said...

I should have read the comments first. I spent five minutes trying to figure out how you got anniversary on there... if it as your first word, it was too many letters, if it was a subsequent at best I got you to 9 letters! I kept thinking, "Hunh. How'd they do that?" ;-)

GREAT game!