Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To My Foolish Valentine

In Plainview I proffered, "Please, marry me."
In plain view, all ponder, "What did she see?"
We April fools face a puckered pastor,
azaleas bloom ... and then disaster.

Your face so sweet is sudden fretting.
"The ring!" you breath, but I'm not sweating.
"Hey Roy, ya got the ring?" I share.
(The best man's look is worth the fare.)

On droans the preacher, without a clue
of Roy's attempt to call take two.
Swift moves your dad and pulls a fitting
off his hand - ere Roy's shitting.

We hear, "What givest thou in oath,
to prove these vows you here have quoth?"
The washer there so late procured
is passed in trust -- our troth's secured.

With golden band (fit twice your digits)
I snare my wife -- the pastor fidgets.
We laugh; he frets. We kiss; we're wed.
Now at last! It's off to ...
Fort Stewart.


joyce said...

And look, the dress you picked out all by yourself and left hanging in the too bare closet. And remember how your oldest brother, the preacher, reading the script as we were his first wedding, asked, "did you take your vows seriously?" He had missed all the laughing over the ring. And your comical, "with THIS ring?" Happy Valentine's Day

Bob said...

Yup, that's the dress I bought you before we were married. (I think it's also the last outfit I bought you.) But you, on the other hand, have been returning the compliment ever since. I can't remember the last time I bought any clothes for myself.

And yeah, Joel was a bit fretful that his very first wedding ceremony was doomed to end in a failed marriage because the silly couple obviously wasn't taking this at all seriously.

Hula Doula said...

Happy Valentines Day you two love birds

LadyBugCrossing said...

Awwww... That's so sweet. You are so lucky she still said yes after seeing that dress!

jennifer said...

Ah Hah! You are head over hills in love with that Joyce lady! So glad that you have each other! Jennifer

Bob said...

Hula -- Thanks. They've all been Valentine's days. (Ya think Joyce will buy that excuse for my not getting flowers?)

Lady Bug -- That hurt. I thought it was a beautiful dress, and apparently so did Joyce. (Though one does have to question the judgment of anyone who'd marry me.)

Jen -- Yeah, I picked me a good'n.

jennifer said...

Bob, I heard you loud and clear on the 'stalker' thing. I went through and edited out the clear photos of my kiddos. I left the one pic of father and son cause the idiot who ever messed with the soldier's kid would get what he deserved. I also made my profile more vague! I will proceed with caution from now on and I REALLY appreciate your gentle guidance! I think that you ARE a blog friend and not a stalker! Have a lovely weekend with that Joyce lady - Jennifer

buffi said...

Whoa....back up. Did you seriously propose to her in Plainview? You know that is second only to Levelland as THE most romantic city on the planet.

You two are just too cute. I hope that SD is as sweet and sappy as you when he's old. (Joyce is only 29, right?)

Bob said...

Yup, I knew I'd never win Joyce with charm, so I dazzled her with the big-city lights. (Levelland might have been too much for the girl.)