Friday, February 22, 2008

The Mewing of the Night

Nighttime harpies, yowlin' at creation,
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination.
Catty little wenches are sitting on the fences.
{{Musical interlude played on cat gut}}

Such a shrill thing, felines on the sill sing.
Sounds they're shrieking, there'll be no more sleeping.
Leave your dreams behind; let the noise pollute your mind,
Hear all feline kind each making such a fright
And listen to the mewing of the night!

Close your eyes, but surrender any chance of dreams;
Purge your thoughts of the sleep you knew before.
Let the lynx nail the minx - just let him scooooooore -
And you'll hear them as you've never heard before.

Worsely, curs'dly, mewing will oppress you
Hear it, feel it, Satanic'ly posses you.
Open up your eyes; let the cats' unending cries
Start to drive you to the darkness of your plight
The darkness of the mewing of the night.

Let your mind start a journey through a strange, new world
Leave all hope of the sleep you knew before.
Let your thoughts wander where it's wrong to be;
Might as well enjoy insanity.

Slicing, dicing, thoughts of taxidermy.
Gut them, stuff them, strap them to the gurney.
Let the dreams begin, let your darker side give in
To the power that the mewing does incite -
The power of the mewing of the night

Cats alone can make my dreams take flight;
There's no end of mewing of the night.


James said...

I have a theory that the neighborhood felines are working up a Siamese rendition of the Lord of the Rings and your house is "Middle Neighborhood." I think Sally-cat portrays the blond chick in the second movie.

joyce said...

No, no, dear James. I could tell from the first line that Bob is harkening back to your purchase and playing (over and over) of the movie/play: Phantom of the Opera.

Well done, Bob. Well done.

James said...

Oh well in that case I was mistaken the true identity of the actions know as the Mewing of the Night is a feline rendition of 300 since King Leonidas and the Phantom are portrayed by the same guy. Therefore Phantom kitty was saying in Siamese "This is Sparta-neighborhood!"

Bob said...

Good catch, James. I hadn't noticed the Phantom/Leonidas connection. But in truth, I just figured I could have a theatrical hit by combining the two biggest Broadway sucesses of the past 30 years: "Cats" and "The Phantom of the Opera".

ShalomSeeker said...

I am proud to say that by the second stanza, I had caught the Phantom/Cats combo, and was already laughing out loud! As I live in a cat-populated neighborhood, I am particularly appreciative of the subtleties of your verse. ;-)

On your comment on my blog: Firstly, thank you. I take it as high praise to receive such a compliment from you. Seriously.
Secondly, Please add me to your blog roll, then tell me how to do it, too, as I have no idea! LOL! :-)
Thanks for the encouragement! -J