Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Over Coffee

Joyce: Do you have enough cash for lunch today?

Bob: ... which means, "We don't have anything you can take for lunch," right?

Joyce: No, I just thought you might like to eat out.

Bob: In that case, I don't need anything for lunch.

Joyce: Really now, you shouldn't starve yourself.

Bob: No, I mean, I don't need to take any food today because today's our Christmas luncheon. The company's feeding me.

Joyce: Dear, really now. You're more than old enough to start feeding yourself. You can do this. Just grab the fork with your tiny fist and jab the food. Careful of your eye.

Bob: Being a bit literal, aren't we?

Joyce: You've taught me well.

Bob: Forgive me?

Joyce: I suppose that would be the Christian thing.


buffi said...

That Joyce. She's my kind of gal.

Hula Doula said...

*snort She's got the one up on you...AGAIN