Monday, November 5, 2007

A Texan Goes to Heck

I apologize for passing off someone elses joke without giving due credit, but this one (which just floated into my email in-box without any byline) is too good not to share. So with that confession of plagiarism:

A Texan dies and goes to Hades. It’s terribly hot, of course, and everyone there is sweating and suffering. Except the Texan. He’s just laying back and smiling. "What’s the matter?" says the Devil. "Isn’t it hot enough for you?"

"Just like a spring day in Amarillo. No problem!" replies the Texan.

The next day the Devil turns the heat way up and everyone is really suffering now. Except the Texan. Still smiling. "You mean it’s still not too hot for you?" asks the Devil.

"Just like a summer day in Laredo. No problem." says the Texan.

The next day the Devil decides to really fix him. So he turns the temperature way down. It gets very cold, starts sleeting and snowing, and icicles start forming. Everyone is freezing to death. Except the Texan. "I don’t get it." says the Devil. "Doesn’t the cold bother you either?"

"Nah, the way I figure it," says the Texan, "the Rangers must have just won the pennant!"


Hula Doula said...

LOLOL I can't say much because we thought it would be a cold day in heck before the Rockies would do as well as they did!! LOL

Bob said...

Ah yes, but the Texas Ranger's have been stringing together losing seasons all the way back to when they were the Washington Senators -- that predates me (and that's a loooooooong time ago).