Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ronald's Secret

Years ago, when Joyce was serving hamburgers, our two pre-school boys made a great show of lifting off the top bun and scraping off all that yucky stuff. When Joyce asked, "Don't you like hamburgers?" they protested, "We love McDonald's, but you put too much junk on the hamburgers you make -- especially onions! We can't stand onions on our hamburgers. Onions are so bad they make you wanna frow up."

Hoping to improve her burgering skills, my beloved inquired, "So then, what's so good about McDonald's hamburgers?"

In unison and without hesitation, they divulged Ronald McDonald's secret formula: "The rice!"

Joyce countered, "But there's no rice in the burgers at McDonald's."

"Sure there is. Just lift the bun and you can see the rice sprinkled all over the meat."

Then it registered, "Ohhhhh! That rice!" (a.k.a., chopped onions.)


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