Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Blunderbuss Baby

I visited with my son Andy this afternoon and, while we were on the phone, his wife Lauren started laughing hysterically. Andy began laughing too, so I had to ask, "What's so funny?"

Andy explained, "Abby loves peas and squash. It seems like sometimes we just can't shovel strained veggies into the little girl fast enough. Anyway, Abby just sneezed. She sprayed peas all over Lauren."

Gee, I wish I'd been there.


Hula Doula said...

You have to love those precious moments. Just wait until she zerberts them for a reaction....then the real fun begins

Bob said...

Okay Hula, I'll bite. How does one "zerbert"?

buffi said...

Oh, come on, Bob. Didn't you ever watch the Cosby Show? A zerbert is when you blow on someone's cheek or belly or whatever, making a fart noise instead of kissing. I'm fairly certain that you have been "zerberting**" all you life and you just never knew it!

At least it was peas that Abby sprayed and not sweet potatoes. That never comes out of anything!

**Zerberting is too a word. In Candyland, at least.

Bob said...

Oops, guess I had a brain zerbert there -- I knew that.

Andy says Abby loves belly zerberts.

buffi said...

We call that playing the "tummy tuba!"