Monday, December 20, 2010

The Baby Awakes...

This has been a very mild winter -- so mild that the leaves were late in falling and the grass is still growing. So I've found it necessary to keep mowing right up to the week before Christmas, but (since the mower does a really good job of picking up and bagging those last stragglers among our fallen leaves) I've also found it convenient.

And coincidentally, our youngest son is presently home from college on Christmas break. He had minor surgery a week ago, but he's bounced back very nicely. So nicely, in fact, that he's even taken to staying out 'til 3:00 AM. So ... about 10:30 this morning Joyce and I had the following conversation.

Bob: We had heavy dew last night, but I think the grass is dry enough now -- I'm gonna mow.

Joyce: But why?

Bob: Because I don't have a leaf blower.

Joyce: But you'll wake the baby.

Bob: Exactly! The mower's probably more muffled than a leaf blower would be, but it'll do the job.


LeeAnn said...

Well played, senor. Well played indeed.
And Merry Christmas to you and all you love.

joyce said...

I think our laughing out loud at funny blogs at 8am wakes the baby. Ben says we are loud. But, when I find a funny story and snort, I just gotta share.

it is a wonder the hair clippers did not wake him up. those things are loud.

joyce said...

SSHHH---quit laughing so loud, you'll wake the baby.

If Jesus had been up all night healing people, you'd let HIM sleep in.

Bob said...

You're right, my love. It's pretty safe to assume that the child has been out all night performing the works of God.

(But it's just a good thing he's so busy with making the blind see and the lame walk he can't find time to read this blog.)