Friday, October 1, 2010

Grandma Goes Hunting

Joyce was visiting Awkward Family Photos and came across this image:

That compelled Joyce to pose the question, "So how the heck did a raccoon get into her house in the first place?"

Of course, I (always ready with an answer to any question my beloved might pose) replied: "Isn't it obvious? The 'coon fell into the septic tank and found the only way out was through the sewer pipe. Gramma had just dropped her drawers and was sitting down when she felt the tickle. Quick as a wink she was up and grabbing the .22 from over the medicine cabinet. The blast caught the soaked 'coon just as it was fixin' to leap from the commode. Dead-eye Gramma plugged the varmint square between the eyes, but (from that close of a range) the bullet passed clean through the 'coon and slammed into the back of the toilet bowl just below the tank. With a mighty roar the bowl exploded into a million shards and ..."

"Or it crawled in through an open window, maybe?" Joyce countered.

"Oh don't be ridiculous."


joyce said...

Noooo! The raccoon got in through the doggy door.

Jerry said...

Maybe the UPS man delivered it, a special purchase from the "Raccoons for Fun and Profit" online shop.

Andy said...

Nyuk! Man, that's funny. How did the coon get in the house???


Roses said...

It's obvious Gramma was out looking for something to grill when the raccoon wandered through the yard. So, she shot it.

She brought it in. It's dinner.