Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quiet Afternoon

Joyce has her earphones on, so she can hear the radio without interrupting my preparation of tomorrow's Sunday school lesson. (I think she's listening to a Christian radio station.)

She snorted a little laugh, so I just had to ask:

Bob: What's so funny?

Joyce: There'll be all colors in heaven, but no one will be blue.

Bob: Yeah, somehow I always knew those Smurfs were gonna burn in hell.

(But Joyce didn't laugh. Maybe, with her earphones stuck in her ears and all, she just didn't hear me. Or ... then again ... maybe she did.)


joyce said...

nor will there be avatar blue folks neither. (pandorians)

here I was, hemming a towel our washer decided to eat and shred, and I thought I was filling the silence without telling you my every thought...

Andy said...

HA! Good one, Bob! Thanks for the morning chuckle.

LeeAnn said...

Or people who suffocated. Or ate too many blueberry poptarts. Or those weird silver-nitrate popping folk.
Perhaps there's a special heavenly neighborhood for the blues.

Mrs. JP said...

Good one!

Mrs. Who said...

It's okay Joyce...I laughed for you!