Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Airport Chit-Chat

We were at the airport at 5:00 AM, 45 minutes before the flight was going to land. Joyce commented as a young couple walked by...

Joyce: Newlyweds!

Bob: Okay, how do you know that?

Joyce: It's obvious.

Bob: They're just walking down the concourse. Why is it obvious that they're newly married.

Joyce: Well, for one thing they're talking to each other and smiling -- being very tender toward each other...

Bob: So people who've been married a while can't be loving...

Joyce: I didn't say that. But you didn't let me finish.

Bob: Sorry, so what are the other clues.

Joyce: They're talking and smiling, and ... he's wearing plaid and stripes.

Bob: So?

Joyce: She'll break him of that before too long.

Bob: But I dress funny, so then I guess we must still be newlyweds too.

Joyce: When was the last time you bought yourself a shirt?

Bob: Uhhh, welllll. ... Yeah, I guess I am housebroke. Hey, James and Amber's plane should be on the ground by now. I'd better call and tell him we're at baggage claim.

(I got James's voicemail, so I left a cheery message informing him where we were. Then after a few minutes my phone rang ...)

Dad: Hi, James! You guys must be about to walk up -- I see folks coming into the baggage claim area now.

James: Uh, Dad. We're not at DFW. Our flight leaves today. We arrive tomorrow morning.

Dad: Oh -- Well, uhhh, then I guess we'll see you tomorrow.

Joyce: They aren't here?

Bob: Nope, let's go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.


joyce said...

hey, I thought the 6-16 on the itinerary they gave me meant when they arrive.

Bob said...

My bad, too. I think we can both claim credit for this one.

Jerry said...


And to think that you get to repeat it all over again tomorrow.

joyce said...

and glad to do it !

this lady walked off that flight and sat beside us by the baggage claim area. She was wearing a raincoat and huge rain boots, which for our 98 degrees outside, seemed a bit much. But, she said she just came from Anchorage where it was cold and rainy---ah, our son's fight...but she said her daughter would not drag herself out of bed to pick her up.

joyce said...

Bob had flown the all nighter from Anchorage last August, but I remember picking him up from a different terminal on the other side of the airport, and waiting beneath a huge escalator. At least the gate yesterday had a bathroom, and water and juice in a coke-like machine.

joyce said...

damn terrorists have deprived us of people watching at the baggage claim area.

Bag Blog said...

I love breakfast out - any excuse will work.

We were in Hico not too long ago and we saw a young lady wearing a skirt and knee high rain boots on a warm sunny day. Toby said something to the lady. She replied that she had thought that it was going to rain that day. Toby said, "Well, you will be ready if it does."

Mrs. JP said...

Oh, that's a good story. At least you've got the trial run in and have a ready route for arrival day. Have fun visiting your crew!