Friday, February 12, 2010

The Roads Are Treacherous ... So They Say

No doubt you've heard that the Dallas-Fort Worth area got an all-time-record 12.5 inches of snow yesterday. And last night all the TV weathermen were warning us that the streets and highways in the area would be treacherous this morning, but I didn't believe them. In fact I'm still skeptical.

I mean, who would imagine that roadways are even capable of treachery? If any object is to be suspected of double-dealing, it would be my lawn. Just two weeks ago I fertilized it and lavished it with pre-emergent herbicide. In return, it brightened to a promising green and thickened to such an extent that this past weekend it enticed me to mow it. But now it mocks me beneath a thick blanket of snow. Considering that the lawn owes its very existence to me (not to mention the debt it's incurred from all the tender care I've given it lately), I'd say such conduct goes way beyond treacherous ... to treasonous.

So I say: "Nay! Don't believe all those televised meteorologist who accuse the roads of being treacherous. It's the lawns who'll stab you in the back!"

UPDATE: Thanks go to my bride for pointing out this video that makes the point about the hyperbole of TV weathermen and reporters so much better than I can.


Teresa said...

If it makes you feel any better, just think how cold that lawn is outside under all that snow. I'm might turn blue then you could have a very unique yard indeed.

Mrs. JP said...

Treacherous huh? Wow,,the media has a flare for the dramatic.

joyce said...

and thanks for pointing out the yellow/brown shadow the tree left in the snow

joyce said...

Theresa said...

I dare say you have gotten more snow than we have. And we're in Michigan!

Bob said...

My mom was born and raised in Detroit -- she always said it was a good place to be FROM (spoken with very strong emphasis on that terminating preposition). It wasn't lost on me that she never went back there.

Thanks for the blog post idea and link.

Mrs JP--
Though the snow may have lacked the maliciousness imputed by the media, but it was at least persistent. We still have a patches in the shadows -- and the temperature hit 60 yesterday.

The lawn seems to have survived winter's chilling treachery, but we'll just have to wait and see how it fares against summer's burning wrath.

An English Shepherd said...

I watched the TV show (its a UK one) he is very funny :-)

We loved the snow :-)

Sorry about your lawn ;-)