Friday, October 2, 2009

Top Ten Reasons ...

Obama didn't bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago:

Number 10... At International Olympic Committeee meetings ... dead people can't vote.

Number 9... Obama believes in American exceptionalism, just as the IOC believes in Brazilian exceptionalism.

Number 8... Who cares if Obama couldn't talk the IOC into holding the Olympics in Chicago, as long as he can talk Iran out of its nukes.

Number 7... Given the partisanship that's blocking passage of comprehensive health care, no president would have been able to accomplish it.

Number 6... Just as Obama has said all along, "Chicago is not the only place that can host the Olympics."

Number 5... This isn't about the number of Olympics "lost", it's about the number of Olympics "saved" or "created".

Number 4... With Israel still building settlements, no wonder there's no progress with the IOC.

Number 3... Clearly there aren't enough wise Latina judges on the IOC.

Number 2... Just look at this mess George Bush left Obama to clean up.

And the number one reason Obama didn't bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago ...

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