Sunday, July 5, 2009

Odd Friendship

My nephew Nate (a school teacher) just accepted me as his "friend" on Facebook -- which if you think about it, is kind of strange ... I mean he's my nephew so that sort of makes friendship superfluous, at least to my way of thinking. In any case, because he's now my "friend", I can read stuff he's shared about himself. He did one of those 25-things posts, all of which were good (some revealing, some touching, some hilarious). This one absolutely slew me:
19. Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president, and it's not for any of the reasons why people usually love him. It's his hat. I'd keep sandwiches in there.

From there on he started pleading desperation in coming up with more things about himself until he concluded with:
25. Um... I avoid flossing when I can. I'm officially out of ideas at this point, and I'm ready to go to bed, so... Yeah. I'll go with flossing. Why not?

Ya know, I kinda like having Nate as my friend.


Teresa said...

Man I wish I could come up with great stuff like that. I did the 25 thing (even though I'm sure I did it years ago on my blog - seems with FB everything old is new again - heh)... I wasn't nearly that clever. LOL.

Bag Blog said...

It sounds like Nate has a bit of your personality.

Mrs. JP said...

Facebook is a bit too revealing for me. But, I agree, you should go into it with family as "friends." I mean really.
I like the one about Lincoln's hat. That's such a guy remark - a place to store sandwiches! hilarious.

Jerry said...

Bag Blog: "It sounds like Nate has a bit of your personality."

Trust me, Nate's Dad makes Bob look like an amateur.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

I think I would like Nate. Great personality and very creative!

Bob said...

Yeah, Nate's a good guy.

Well, of course Roy has a sense of humor -- he's in the ministry (which, as I hear it, will drive you nuts if you can't laugh about it -- Right?).

Mrs JP--
But if you're storing sandwiches in your hat, hold the mayo.

Bag Blog--
I consider that a great compliment.

I tend to lose focus when reading one of those 100-things-about-me things.

Anonymous said...

I am tending to agree with Jerry on this. The stories about Nate's dad are "legendary". If he was not my uncle I may believe there were exaggerated but they are not. -- Your niece from the east

Missy said...

Never really thought about the hat, but that is a clever idea!