Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Big Day

The big event is nearly upon us, that long-anticipated day every girl dreams of her entire life -- the wedding!

Let's just hope the bride doesn't spoil the flower girl's big day by wearing something tacky.


joyce said...

Too funny. I was the flower girl at my Uncle Jim's wedding when I was younger than Abby. I wish we could post that picture. They said I had a meltdown when I saw the crowd, and they told me to go see my Daddy---standing up front beside his brother, my Uncle Jim.

Gladys said...

How precious is that? I want to know how she did. Did she make the wedding party pose?

Mrs. Who said...

Oh, surely, the bride wouldn't dare!

That is too sweet!

Bob said...

Mrs Who--
Our daughter-in-law called to tell us that when she opened the box the dress came in, our two-year-old flower girl cooed, "That's so bee-yoo-tiful!"

Stay tuned. I'm sure there'll be some fodder come out of the wedding (July 25th).

You were adorable (still are, of course) -- to bad the scanner's not working or I'd add your picture to the post.

Mrs. JP said...

And the cute award goes to!!!!! Little girly with the pink bow watching TV!!!
I was a flower girl in my cousins wedding back in the early 60's. Actually my mom and I were talking about that last week. I told her she made my hair look like Nellie Olson. Now that's embarrassing.