Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Only Number Five?

Stat counters reveal some interesting things. Just this evening I discovered I had someone from Ireland visit the old blog (I feel so comopolitan), but what's really interesting is that this visitor found my blog by googling the phrase "tube 8 big butt fart". My humble little slice of the World Wide Web ranks number five for that particular string. (Needless to say, you really don't want to know what else pops up when you google "tube 8 big butt fart".)

But there are two things that intrigue me about this particular query:
Why? Why would anyone come up with that particular combination of words. What convoluted logic says, I really need to know what the Internet has to tell me about "tube 8 big butt fart". I mean, why not "heresy 7 smelt waxed cricket"?

But most troublesome to me is:
Why fifth? How can it be that a blog called "The Lost Fart..." let four other sites beat it out for "tube 8 big butt fart"? Where, oh where, did I go wrong?


Gladys said...

I'm afraid to look at mine. ;)

Jerry said...

Maybe more scatalogical references and a few more instances of flatulance will push you over the top.

"He's Number 1! (toot)
He's Number 1! (fart)
He's Number 1! (belch)"

Oh crap, that won't do it.

joyce said...

or check out the words, spider barking. maybe folks go for the more euphomistic.

And hey, I whomped you at Scrabble last night, and nary a mention?? JOYFULLY really helped. I was afraid I held on to it too long. (and lest folks think I beat fair and square, know that Bob lets me have as many letters as I need)

Mrs. JP said...

I just don't understand why the world wide internet web has discriminated against you so! You need to file a complaint.
Oh, so Joyce is the current scrabble champ??? Go Joyce,,Go Joyce.

joyce said...

359-215 and he bingo-ed right out of the shoot.

Bob is so easy to please. Give the man a sandwich and a game of Scrabble, and he is in heaven!

Buck said...

Heh. You cannot possibly know the joy I get out of Site Meter. I'll publish the occasional weird search term, but the ones that REALLY make me laugh ain't suitable for a PG-13 blog. There are some REALLY weird people out there... and why they choose to click through on some of their searches is just as mystifying as the search term itself... in most cases.

Bob said...

Yeah, its scary the company I keep on Google.

I suppose now when people ask, "Do you still beat your wife?" I can just answer, "I wish!"

Mrs JP--
The Scrabble Queen's reign will be short.

If all it took was more flatulence, I'd always be number one. (Be sure to check the update on the last post, featuring your lovely bride.)

Look at your what? (Oh, the stat counter ... doh)