Thursday, April 23, 2009


On Wednesday morning Joyce and I wandered outside before dawn to see the conjunction of Venus and the Moon. We took a few low-grade pictures, but before the Moon eclipsed Venus at 7:22, I had to head to work, so I missed the actual eclipse. If you missed it too, don't worry, your next opportunity will come around soon --- on Oct. 11, 2029. Now you may be thinking, "That's a long time to wait." But I assure you it's not. A twilight occultation of Venus by the Moon happened just once during the 20th century --- on Jan. 13, 1923. So see, you won't have to wait anywhere near as long as we had to wait for this last one.

As I said, Joyce and I took a few low-grade snapshots of the Moon's approach to Venus, but a guy named John McNair of Monument, Colorado captured the whole thing and sent his time-lapse video to where they feature it in today's lead article.


joyce said...

Cool! You embed good!

Ha--I made a funny. Now you might think I was talking dirty.

Gladys said...

You are actually my brother Buck in disguise aren't you?

Bob said...

That wouldn't be the Portales Buck would it?

Yeah, it's about time. "C'mon Baby, embed me."

Bag Blog said...

Cool video. Joyce, you crack me up.

Buck said...

Bob: Answer... two different Bucks. Unless Mom had some sort of secret life. ;-)

And that vid? Waaay cool!

Bob said...

Can the world handle two Bucks?

She cracks me up, too.

Buck said...

"Can the world handle two Bucks?"

I could handle a few more, myself. A LOT more, actually. But I'd have to go back to work... so, Nah. I'll make do. :-)