Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Broken Car

Last Sunday Joyce and I were cruising down a freeway in Fort Worth. I was traveling slightly over the speed limit (though I prefer the expression "staying with the flow") when a tiny car (a Yaris I think) zipped past us on the right. I looked over and noticed that its four passengers probably outweighed the car itself. The sight immediately brought back memories of a story Henry (Enrique) Soto once shared about him and his three brothers (Monche, Chato and Miguel) who were all 5'-8" or less but who each tipped the scales at 200 pounds plus.

I've already posted a story about the Soto brothers' misadventures in real estate, so that tale may give you some sense of the Soto family's cavalier disregard for causation. Anyway, Henry showed up on the construction job one Monday morning and informed everyone, "Jesterday we broke our car."

I answered, "Okay, I'll bite. In what sense did you 'break' your car? Did you blow the engine?"

"No, the engine runs good -- we broke the car. Ees one of them leetle VW bugs -- me 'n my brothers, we was driving down Missouri Street toward downtown when we come to the railroad track..."

"Let me get this right -- all four of you were crammed into a VW bug?"

"Yeah ... so we was traveling kind fast when we come up on the track just b'fore jou get to Cotton Street. The street is kinda like a ramp there. We was going maybe fifty miles an hour, so when we hit the track the car sorta went all Evel Knevel on us. When we landed, it broke."

"You mean the car literally broke in two?"

"Well, almost -- more like it just folded up. I mean, the car we was already low-ridin even before we took the jump, but afterwards, eet was reeeeeally a-draggin its belly."

So as that itty-bitty clown car zipped past Joyce and me this past Sunday, I smiled and thought to myself, Won't be long and Mister Yaris here will be entertaining his colleagues with, "Jesterday we broke our car."


leeann said...

I heart a little bitty car. Back in the mid-70s I had a car tinier than a Yaris. I want to say a sort of Honda but I know that's not right.
Anyway, it weighed all of 900 pounds. One day at work, the guys back in the shop thought they'd be funny... picked it up and put it in the back of a pickup truck and drove it round the corner, just to watch me freak out over my "stolen" car. To be fair, they confessed before I called the cops to file a report.
I got them back.
X-lax brownies.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

I have a GIGANTIC smile on my face reading that story, and Leeann's comment.

Leeann - was it a Hugo? some foreign car, right?

LadyBugCrossing said...

I would love to have a beetle or a smart car - unfortunately, I need 4 wheel drive to get up my driveway...

#1 has a 350+lb friend. Every time that kid gets in my car, I am afraid my car will break... Is it wrong to be afraid?

Bag Blog said...

The Soto brothers sound like lots of fun. When my brother-in-law was younger, he got liquored up and ramped his carmengia over a RR crossing so many times that it bent the wheels out. I would bet the Soto brother's car looked like the wheels bent out all the time.

Gladys said...

Hey I think I worked with the Soto Brothers way back when. Did they paint their faces and roll into a rodeo arena with the car smoking and billowing. Then when the car stopped 47 piled out of a Spek? Yeah I remember them.

Great Story!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

iss weird ju know? how dese tings happen...he should have a cousin to feex it for im...like treek it out ju know...maybe some lo prros, some teented weendows, and some bass een de trunk for lissening to Shakeera no?

Hula Doula said...

Now that's a classic.

Bou said...

I was laughing at Jesterday too. Good grief.