Friday, February 20, 2009

Ten things you will NEVER hear me say...

1) Boy, what I wouldn't give for one of those big "Obama" yard signs...

2) Working in downtown Dallas is soooo much better than Fort Worth.

3) The government is soooo much better at handling my money than I am.

4) "The Daily Kos" is soooo uplifting.

5) My hair is soooo lush.

6) That Rosie O'Donnell is soooo sexy.

7) That Al Gore is soooo brilliant.

8) That Whoopi Goldberg is soooo funny.

9) That Joel Osteen is soooo wise.

10) I am soooo deserving of God's love.


Jerry said...

2) Working in downtown Dallas is soooo much better than Fort Worth.

That is exactly why Amon Carter would pack a sack lunch if he ever had to travel to Dallas. Something about not wanting to "spend a single dime in that d**n town".

PrimoDonna said...

Something you'll never hear me say: That Bob is soooo boring.

Missy said...

Awesome post! Don't be surprised when Oprah and Rosie are appointed!

joyce said...

Oh, dear, I know tooo much.

11. Yes, let me help you finish off that yogurt...yum

12. Oh, let me help you vacuum...

13. I'd love to put greasy, slimy hand cream on your legs/back/boo-hiney.

14. Oh, course I know how to work the washer/dryer

15. I am in the mood to paint.

16. No, playing Scrabble three times in one day is enough.

17. Shopping? I'd love to...

18. I love wearing pink.

19. Please fix me some rice crispie treats.

20. I don't mind it when you use my razor to shave your lets or armpits.

Bob said...

Okay, I know when I've been topped. My sides are aching from laughing so hard. You win!

joyce said...

How about twenty more things I never thought you'd be caught dead even reading out loud??

Bob said...

I should have let you guest post on this topic. You know me better than I do. In fact, now it's my turn -- You need to post about what no one will ever hear you say.

Bob said...

Hey everyone, go on over to Joyce's and see what she's come up with.

joyce said...

This game is just tooo much fun.

Ten more things you will NEVER hear Bob say:

21. I'd like salmon for breakfast, please.

22. Sometimes, a man has too many tools.

23. I can't wait to see that Chick Flick.

24. I'd love to try something other than Coffeemate's French Vanilla in my coffee.

25. I just love the way you drive.

26. I married you for your math skills.

27. We need more cats in this house.

28. Can't wait until August to crawl up in the attic and rewire the house.

29. Of course I'd love to go to Houston, because you know I just love high humidity.

30. Panama was so beautiful, let's see Costa Rica during the rainy season.

Bag Blog said...

Ah, you two are so funny. I may have to try this game. Something you will never hear me say, "I would love a new shot-gun for my birthday or maybe a vacuum cleaner."

Mrs. Who said...

Except for the last sounds like you were over at HuffPo or KrazyKos.