Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let's Be Plain -- It's Anti-Semitism

It's an amazing thing. For years Israel has been under daily indiscriminate rocket bombardment from Hamas (during 2008 alone an estimated 3000 rockets were launched from Gaza) yet the world's news agencies had nothing to report. But ever since the moment Israel struck back, it's been wall-to-wall coverage of the "crisis" in Gaza (well, that ... and breaking news about Paris Hilton's latest slutty stunt). So why was Iran's proxy war against Israel so un-newsworthy right up to the moment when Israel finally acted? Why does Israel's self-defense bring all the TV news cameras into such sharp focus on the plight of the poor Palestinians? Could it be there's media bias against Israel? Surely not!

Yet (despite all this completely unbiased reporting) CNN reporter Becky Anderson feels the need to keep interrupting Benjamin Netanyahu as he tries to explain to her why Israel can't negotiate with Hamas over its stated objective to exterminate all Jews from the face of the earth.


Bou said...

I came over today to steal your I Stand With Israel flag. Ironic that this is your top post...

My top post tonight, when I post, will be stating such. It just needs to be said.

Bob said...

Steal away -- How do you think I got that "I Stand With Israel" flag?

I look forward to reading your post.

And stay healthy -- I also look forward to reading about your crossing the finish line after finishing 26.2 miles.

Bou said...

It's all mental. I have got to get back to my 'I can do this' mentality and quit being so scared. Sheesh. I'm trying really really hard to embrace the anxiety!!!

joyce said...

The press is driving me nuts. They just have to talk about some unconfirmed number of how many palestinians died versus how many Israeli---but they leave out all the Israelis that have died during the "cease fire".

Hula Doula said...

It angers me to see the "UNBIASED" press. ggrr

Bob said...

You said it.

Yeah, body-count is a rather macabre way to assign blame. Why doesn't it occur to the media that being an incompetent mass murderer is different than being innocent, and being skilled at defending yourself is different than being guilty.

You'll do fine. Just start the race and quit when it's done.

GUYK said... acronym for Commie News Network.

It is not about supporting is about trying to tear down the American government. I have an idea if the American government drops support of Israel and comes out for the ragheads then CNN and the left wing will be avid supporters of Israel.

Bob said...

I think you're wrong there. The Great Satan's swearing allegiance to Allah would not make CNN love the Little Satan. It would only assure Israel is standing alone against all of the world's evil.

ShalomSeeker said...

Thank you. Again I say, thank you. I haven't found the appropriate person or moment to express my FIERCE exasperation to, but inside, I am screaming.

And loudest kuddos to B. Netanyahu for so articulately and *calmly* expressing what should be plainly obvious to everyone. Israel is a problem for Hamas (and frankly, for the VAST majority of the Arab world) simply because she exists. They have STATED as much--we don't even have to GUESS at why they are behaving as they do.

And you know, having been in Israel in 1993, and having seen with my own eyes housing built at the expense of the state to house displaced Arabs--housing that is completely uninhabited as a 'protest'--I have very little sympathy for the leadership of the Arab world that feels the need to continue the harrange of Israel for their own ends. That said, I DO have sympathy for the families whose lives are just dragged along for their leadership's benefit.

Honestly, I'm just really ready for Jesus to come and set things right...except I know that it gets worse before it gets better.

Still, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, though that peace is found only in their rejected Messiah...