Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa's Mailbag

They were true believers. Let the other kids mock -- our boys knew Santa was real. Okay, so an obese guy in a red-velour and white-fur getup traveling all the way around the world in one night did stretch credulity a bit, but it was so much more plausible than the alternative: Mom and Dad, spending money to buy a bunch of useless crap -- Yeah, right! Sure, Mom and Dad did buy stuff for kids at Christmas, but their gifts were always what Mom called "practical" (which is apparently a synonym for "really lame stuff" or something).

Nah, clearly Santa was "the man". You could count on the jolly old elf when the chips were down and Mom and Dad needed constant reminding that Christmas was "How many more days?" away. Even teachers at school knew that parents were untrustworthy and so encouraged all the children to compose their letters to Kris Kringle. And so it was with confident hope that James took up his fat felt-tip and composed this heart-felt appeal to Santa's generosity:

which (for the benefit of you who don't read second-grade-ese) translates as:
A electric train set:
All of the Radio Koq {control?} toys
And star trek the next generation.
And a green ranger.
And Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park.
from James


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Solid bit of writing there...i particularly liked the train part.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Awww... those notes are so sweet. I should dig out a couple and photograph them...

Bob said...

Yeah, those original compositions (with even more original spelling) are precious.

There was a reason James listed "Uletrik Traen" first. Ashamedly I have to admit that we (er ... Santa) got him a cheap D-cell-powered choo-choo that ran on a tiny circular track. He loved it and tenderly cared for that toy for years.

Bag Blog said...

Your James spells a lot like my Jesse.

joyce said...

I am glad you saved it. Did you also save the one where Ben asked for Santa's thumbprint?? He wanted proof.

Jurassic Park toys should help us date the letter...