Friday, December 26, 2008

A Gift From Andy

To understand this post you should to first go read this story.

The "Mrs F" mentioned in the story was the first-grade teacher for all three of our sons, so each of them went through her "Fortunately ... But Unfortunately" exercise -- but only our middle son's humorous handling of Mrs F's assignment has entered the realm of family folklore.

James is now home on leave from the Army for a couple of weeks, and on Christmas Eve the UPS truck delivered his gift from his older brother Andy. Upon tearing off the wrapping paper, James found this message taped to the gift (which is a very nice coffee press):

And James, upon flipping open the card, found this inscription:

God has truly blessed Joyce and me with sons who keep us endlessly amused.


joyce said...

And Amber gave him a Bodum, too, so now he has one to wash and one to use. (unless they are both dirty). I'd like to see how it works. And can you heat the hot water in the thang in the microwave??

I love it, now James has two Bodums.

Bob said...

I'm sure glad James is old enough to wash his own Bodum.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

By my count James now has three Bodums...

perhaps now is the time to stock up on toilet paper?

Just kidding!

I need a subject to blog on today, I have bloggers block......

Bob said...

We cheat - it helps having adult kids who give us great blog fodder.

Bou said...

That is absolutely hysterical and is something that would continue to be a family joke with my sister, brother and I. That's really really funny.

James said...

Mom, Dad Just a reminder to keep the true number of Bodums owned by the aforementioned secret! Its classified information and if disclose to the public would me that the Terrorists Win! Not to mention they might be able to make coffee as apposed to spending four bucks a cup at the Durka Durka Starbucks in their cave!

Hula Doula said...

I crying laughter tears here. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Can't breathe. Classified bodums!! BAHAHAHA You're killing me off.
I have so much to look forward to don't I>! Please please say yes. I need a ray of hope for my crazy HB. He has the same sense of unappreciated humor. I personally appreciate it,but not many do. BAHAHAHAHAHA

Bag Blog said...

Having grown children who give lots of blog fodder is certainly nice.

Bob said...

Yes, it's nice to have an ever-flowing stream of blog topics. But one can't use all the fodder they provide, lest they wise up.

Glad you were as amused as I was.

Thanks for being so random (it helps to keep your father well stocked with fodder), but more than that, thanks for making me so proud of you. Love you, man. (And no I don't want your Bud Lite.)