Friday, December 12, 2008

Closed Shop

The news reports out of Washington are disappointing -- not the news itself (the news about the Senate's defeating the auto industry bail-out couldn't be better) but the news reports. The disappointment is that the press is still up to its usual obfuscation -- hiding the fact that this bail-out deal was squirreled by the United Auto Workers' leadership. It appears the UAW has figured out that the survival of Chrysler, Ford and GM is not important -- what matters is that blame for the impending car wreck be properly assigned. So the AP, UPI, Reuters and the news departments of CBS, NBC and ABC have all stepped forward to point the finger at their favorite nemesis: It was those evil Republicans who scuttled the deal!

Were it but true that the Senate Republicans had seen the error of spending taxpayer money on foolish investments, my faith in pompous windbag politicians would be restored. But alas, all that the Republicans have done is propose the UAW not squander our money too quickly. So pardon me, if I don't shed any tears for the drunk in the tuxedo (a.k.a., the UAW) who was so insulted at being offered less than his preferred mixed drink.

Nonetheless, the angry panhandler in a tux shouldn't despair. A new Administration and a new Congress will soon be in charge, so he was probably wise to reject the Mad Dog 20-20 the Republicans offered. Fret not, you union bosses, come January we taxpayers will be serving you your Chateau Lafite-rothschild 1988 with a smile.

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