Monday, December 1, 2008

BCS Fall-out

I wish I'd had a camera. The west-bound train was just pulling away as I walked up. I looked up just in time to see a scowling face framed in a window of the trailing car. And atop that frowning head was a ball cap. And emblazoned on the front of that cap was a burnt-orange Texas Longhorn.

UPDATE (for the benefit of those who don't listen to sports reports): The University of Texas, Texas Tech and the University of Oklahoma have all tied for the South Division of the Big Twelve Conference, but because Oklahoma has a higher score in the BCS ranking system, Oklahoma will play Missouri for the Conference championship. So Oklahoma gets a shot at the national championship and Texas doesn't -- even though Texas (with an identical record) soundly defeated Oklahoma earlier this year.


JDP said...

And that is why I constantly remind my kids that life just ain't fair.


Bag Blog said...

Three really good teams tie and only one gets a chance at the national championship. Yet Missouri, who seems to be a mediocre team, gets to play.

Coming from a long line Aggies, I was raised to NOT be for UT. Since my son went to OSU, I tend to not cheer for OU either. Since I went to TT for two years and met my husband there, I would like to have seen them with a chance at the championship, but I am not disappointed - that is just football for you.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

I don't agree with it...actually, i don't like it...but i'll dang sure take it!


(and if we lose to Mizzou, UT will get their chance after all...but, seriously, Missouri?? Come on.