Friday, November 7, 2008

Pot Stash

Bob: Joycee...

Joyce: UnnnHuh?

Bob: Sorry to wake you, but where did you put the coffee pot?

Joyce: Ummmm ... It's not in the dishwasher?

Bob: No, the basket and lid were in there, but I couldn't find the carafe.

Joyce: Oh yeah, it's in the bath tub.

Bob: Okay, thanks. I love you.

Joyce: Love y'too.


ShalomSeeker said...

Wha?? Is this some kind of reality television show?

Sometimes my roommate and I joke that if people could hear our dead-serious conversations, they would be cracking up. Just so you know, your conversation had the exact same effect. ;-)

So, are you gonna tell us *why* it was in the bathtub? Or do we even want to know?

joyce said...

Well, my shower head was clogged with mineral deposits, and so I needed a glass bowl of sufficient size and height to soak the shower head in...and I forgot.

Uncle Bob then tried to pull a fast one---well, does your coffee taste like vinegar?? He could not fool me, though. Vinegar is my friend. I just love vinegar. A splash of vinegar in EVERY drain makes the house smell sweet. And after a baking soda bath---fun times in the bathroom at our house...

Bag Blog said...

My husband read this post over my shoulder. He shrugged - giving me the "what is so odd about that," which made me laugh all the harder.

Ky Woman said...

oohhh, you should never wash your coffee carafe. Never ever...

;-) this from a die hard coffee drinker. I swear my Daddy had a coffee cup that you could grow things on. But at least once a year we would swipe it to cut most of the grime off, then he'd yell for at least an hour about ruining the taste of his coffee.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hi Bob!
Yes, turn about IS fair play! I can't even remember how I got to you and your wife's blogs - but I loved ya'lls post "Fortunately...but Unfortunately" and I shared it around with friends and family.

It seems that you good folks and my family share Texas in common. We are in North Texas.

Thanks for stopping by. I had intended to leave a message over at Joyce's blog as she stopped by over the weekend.

So, I have something to post and my video is too large for blogger. Any suggestions??

Have a great day!

Bob said...

You probably found us through that license plate site that linked to my "unfortunate" story. From my stat counter I traced back to your site and found that you'd linked to us. You've probably noticed that Joyce even lifted that Paul Hunt video off your site. Shameless hussy, the woman I married.

Ky Woman--
I must agree, though it never hurts to wipe away the mold.

Bag Blog--
Men just instinctively know that (no matter how mysterious things may seem to us) there's no point in asking why the lovely creatures we live with do things some particular way.

There you go, spoiling the mystery.

You have strange relatives, you know.

Bob said...

Oh yeah, Jamie--
Have you tried uploading the video to YouTube and then linking to that?

ShalomSeeker said...

That's okay. You do too. ;-)

Big Man for Jesus said...

I must say, it didn't strike me as odd the first time I read it. Then I read it to my wife and she gave me this really weird look at which time I nearly hit the floor laughing. :-)
Who needs a TV when real life is so much funnier?

joyce said...

I just love Walmart. Found another shower head with hose today for real cheap. Easy to install. Hand tightened just fine. Do you want a new one for your shower??

Sadly, alas, my vinegar bath did not fix the old one.

And the clock has been reset on the coffeemaker.

joyce said...

And my friend on Dogwood laughed so hard on the phone today when I related our sitting in the parking lot at church 24 hours why don't you tell that story in the funny way you know how !