Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hope and Change

Have you seen this ad promoting Barack Obama as the agent of hope and change?

How about this one?

Don't you just love young people raising their voices in unison to sing the praises of a great leader?


Jerry said...

Worship of the Obamessiah.

Thanks for showing us that the world has seen this all before, and if I remember correctly, the "change" wasn't pretty.

The Flyer said...

It just serves as a reminder that when you fail to learn from history that you are...Oh rats! I always forget that other part...

By the way, what happened to the last video clip you had posted?

Bob said...

That clip was taken down by YouTube (apparently because of some copyright infringement on the music), so rather than leave folks guessing what the video used to be, I just took the post down.

I think that quotation goes something like: "Democrats (who always fail to learn from history) are groomed to excrete it."

You Christians are so narrow-minded. Why can't you accept that there are hundreds of ways to make correct change. Who's to say that giving 2000 nickels in exchange for a hundred dollar bill is wrong?