Saturday, September 20, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

Those profit-hungry chemical companies are poisoning our water!


Jerry said...

Oh, no! The horror of it all.

I guess that I have been subjected to "poisoned" water all of my life!

joyce said...

you are gonna get so many hits from conspiracy nuts...what a hoot.

Gradual Dazzle said...

The first time I saw this, I was just speechless... thinking it was a hoax or something because NO-ONE could be THAT STUPID, right?

Geez Louize. I need to keep a copy of that viddy around to show to impressionable young twenty-somethings who have just discovered conspiracy theories and haven't realized how idiotic they are.

I finally came around when it occurred to me that by attributing things to conspiracy, I was assuming some sort of collective intelligence on the part of said conspirators... and the phrase "never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups" or something like that just rang too true.

Bob said...

Gradual Dazzle--
I'm no scientist, but I think what causes that rainbow effect is that ubiquitous pollutant dihydrogen-oxide. As a science teacher you can probably confirm what I've heard about dihydrogen-oxide: it's been found in every brain tumor ever biopsied.

Yeah, it occurred to me that this subject might draw flies.

Did I mention brain tumors?

ShalomSeeker said...

Dihydrogen-oxide!?! Shocking! I'm pretty sure about 60% of my body is now made up of this stuff! When will the madness end!?!

And I have to ask the question: Did this woman ever take a science class? Hello... I really, really thought this must be a joke, a farce. Instead, I only WISH it was--how very foolish people can be... :-P

Big Man for Jesus said...

May our children be spared of this horror! May we save ourselves before it is too late!
I honestly was in shock that someone could be that ignorant but the longer she talked, I realized I was wrong. She did use the right word, 'spectrum' as in color spectrum, but alas she probably would get lost if I went any further.

jennifer said...

There was a typo at the end... "thrist" as opposed to thirst?

Can you imagine what she would have done with a burning bush?