Friday, August 15, 2008

The War Winds Down as Lincoln Ends His Second Term

As is now obvious to all but Nancy Pelosi and her ilk, the U.S. military has prevailed against al Qaida in Iraq despite the Democrats' aid and comfort to the enemy.

God Bless our servicemen ... and thank God for our President!


Jerry said...

The surge is working?

You wouldn't know that from the MSM.

It is too bad that 50% or more of the American electorate hasn't got a clue, and will continue to vote for the "it's always America's fault" crowd.

Big Man for Jesus said...

Has anyone else noticed that the coverage of Iraq has diminished since there has been so much progress and more peace in the region? No death of American soldiers equals no coverage? Seems like a bad equation if you ask me. May we never forget the sacrifice and willingness of our soldiers to go and risk it all for us.